ITKAM is organizing together with SpinLab and BasisLager a keynotes for female starters during the Startup Safari in Leipzig. The event is part of the EU-project „ CROSSEUWBA“ (www.crosseuwba.eu), led by ITKAM. The main focus will be on challenges and opportunities for female founders in Leipzig.

The event will take place on May, 17th 2018 at the IHK Leipzig (room 604, Goerdelerring 5, 04109 Leipzig) from 5pm to 6.30 pm.


17:00    CROSSEUWBA – Short presentation of the project

17:10    CROSSEUWBA – “Women and entrepreneurship: obstacles one must face”

17:20    Keynotes: “Challenges and Opportunities for Female Founders in Leipzig”

Men to Women ratio in SpinLab
Marilu’s journey from an architecture employee to becoming a female founder in Leipzig
How women can get started today in Leipzig
17:50    Q&A Session

18:00    Closing&Networking

All the interested participants can register on the website: http://leipzig.startupsafari.com/

Contact person:

Ronny Seifert

Italienische Handelskammer für Deutschland

Tel: 0341 12671498

Mail: rseifert@itkam.org


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