The European project “CrossEUWBA” pursues the overall objective of facilitating the funding of women entrepreneurs (WE) through women business angels (WBAs) and contributing to the creation of a sustainable base for private investment in Europe.

ITKAM and its project consortium partners have joined efforts in order to reinforce this particular field of business in order to further promote potential and established (wo)men business angels and start-ups led by female (or male) entrepreneurs all over Europe together with four other project consortia that have taken on this cross-European task in different European meta-regions.

Business angels are an individual investors (qualified as defined by some national regulations) that invest directly (or through their personal holdings) their expertise, time and money predominantly into seed or start-up companies that they have no family relationship with. [sources]

In order to give sustainable and intelligent support to (potential) business angels, also a mentoring network for women business angels will be created. A mentor is someone who offers their knowledge, wisdom, and advice from the field of investments to potential business angels with less experience (mentees), in order to maximize the mentees’ business potential and improve their performance. Mentors encourage and motivate their mentees, facilitating their mentees’ growth by sharing resources, networks and contacts, by challenging their mentees to move beyond their comfort zone, by creating safe learning environments to enable their mentees to take risk-aware and risk-astute actions, and by focusing on the mentees’ overall development. The project “CrossEUWBA” that is co-funded by the European Union will be ongoing for two years and provide a sustainable infrastructure to promote both, the development of Women Business Angel Networks and Start-Up Funding all across Europe.



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