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SETTORE: Manufacturer

We are a producing company for the retractable telescopic cap with an international patent, which its developing
We search for partners-representatives-tradesmen.
The qualifications that we search for are:
1. partners/ producing:
Dynamic Ambitious Commercialists
which must have warehouses for the producing of more than 1000 mq and their own organisation
2. representatives
which must have be organised with their own offices and selling nets on their own territory
3. Tradesmen
which must to be organised with their own SELLING-INSTALLATION-CUSTOMER SERVICE
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More information of our organization here, in our site:


Anfisa Kolesnik


Indirizzo: Predda Niedda – 07100 – Sassari [Italia]

Telefono: 3883859065


Sito web:

Lingua di corrispondenza: Italiano, Tedesco, Inglese