Stampa ed editoria. Il progetto europeo Inminds per la competitività del settore.

La ITKAM sta conducendo insieme ai Partner europei il progetto “Pensare innovativo: Colmare il deficit di qualificazione nel settore stampa ed editoria in Europa”.
Ecco la prima Newsletter InMinds, dedicata a informazioni di settore.

Vi occupate di stampa ed editoria?

La Newsletter InMinds è uno strumento sempre aggiornato per restare al corrente delle novità internazionali in un comparto in rapida evoluzione, e per affrontare al meglio le sfide europee.
Ecco il primo numero, per ricevere i prossimi seguite i link all’interno della newsletter.

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Latest News

  • Report on Sector’s Skills Gap: The European printing industry faces new challenges and constant changes that need to be addressed; the global market, the never ending ICT developments and the increasing costs of production in Europe (specifically energy, raw materials and labor costs) are three of many other trends that impose to increase the sector’s competitive advantages and to upgrade the sectors employees’ skills. Read the full report in English here.
  • Deutscher Drucker Verlagsgesellschaft has awarded Germany’s best printers with the Druck&Medien Awards 2015 on 5th November in Berlin. Learn more…
  • Verband der deutschen Buchdrucker: Printing has an important place in the history of organized labor and stand for emancipation and humanrights: 150 Years ago, on the 20. Mai 1886 in Leipzig, was formed the Association of German book printers “Verband der deutschen Buchdrucker”. Therefore Paula Thiese was the first woman leading the nationwide labour union “Nationaler Buchdrucker-Verein” (national Printers’ Association). Learn more…
  • Infographic: The explosive growth of 3D printing: Learn more… 

About InMinds
InMinds project aims to stimulate the capacity of the printing (publishing) sector human resource towards lifelong learning practices in order to become more competitive, productive and adaptive to the constant developments of the ICT sector affecting it in a dire manner. The skills gap and the demand of knowledge and knowhow on digital printing techniques that were not previously required, are the new challenges of the European printing industry. Learn more…






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